Plastic caps for aerosol cans

DOVE SIAMO: sede AB-Plast produzione tappi plastica


Established in 1981, AB plast s.r.l. quickly gained success on the national market thanks to its leader position in the plastic moulding industry, in particular in the sector of spray cylinder. We produce all kinds of plastic caps.


Good management skills and the ability to take advantage of modern technologies enable our company to satisfy any requirements from our clients, and to offer excellent value for money. Research and innovation, key points of AB plast s.r.l.‘s mission, led to the development of functional and innovative products.



We develop your ideas

AB plast s.r.l. customizes a complete production service of plastic caps, snap lock caps and aerosol caps (and other products) designed for the customer.

AB plast s.r.l. offers a complete service to suit customers’ demands: in our stamp workshop qualified personnel supports the client in every single stage of development and manufacture. A spacious warehouse, offering a full range of off-the-shelf articles and a production site equipped with state-of-the-art machineries are also included in our 5000 sqm industrial plant.